13/05/24 - I had a great couple of days up in London. On Friday I went to ‘The Art of the Brick’ exhibition with Matt, in Brick Lane and I’ve made this little film featuring some snaps, accompanied by my piece of music, ‘Blocks’.

3/4 with words

06/05/24 - What to do on a horrid wet Bank Holiday Monday? I know, write and record a song and make a film. The Talent is Timeless (TisT) group have a monthly songwriting challenge and for May it has three demands. 1) Song is in 3/4 timing. 2) No more than 30 words (repeated sections are only counted once). 3) The song needs to be about, 'luck'. Here's my effort. It's short, meets the criteria and is called, '3/4'. TisT warning: It was made on my iPad, with no real instruments. Vocals are definitely not folky. And the film is not looking up my nose, whilst I play an acoustic guitar. I've enjoyed the process and it has kept me out of the rain. x


25/04/24 - The things you do on honeymoon! Heather filmed a Dung Beetle on her phone and I've added some music and made it faster. Heather said, I only write music in 4/4 timing (which is not actually true), so, I knocked this up in 3/4 on my iPad in GarageBand. Teamwork hey. xxx


20/04/24 - We’ve been having a wonderful honeymoon and have seen so many beautiful sites and it’s all very photogenic. Yesterday, we visited the ‘Valle dei Templi’ near Agrigento and today, have just arrived at Corleone. During our trip, I’ve written three instrumental pieces on GarageBand and have used the latest composition (Godfather) as the soundtrack to go with this slideshow featuring some snaps from yesterday.

Video for You Pick Acoustic

01/03/24 - Leaf - Thank you for the commission to the 'You Pick Acoustic' You Tube channel. 'You Pick Acoustic is a mainly acoustic music channel for independent artists creating original songs. It releases an exclusive video on the first day of every other month'. This is my third video with them.

Thanks to my team: Kevin Jones & Heather


20/01/24 - from the vaults - Thanks to Heather in fez, Simon the sax and Kevin the man behind the desk.

10-years in the wilderness - Recording Sessions
10-years in the wilderness
Acoustic blues and me

Electric blues and me


Ten years in the wilderness


Neumann & Martin
Kevin Jones at the controls
31/12/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: The year rolled on and I never got back into the studio to record the last two songs. New Year's Resolution: Get them done.

22/09/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: I had a bit of fun making the video for, Hair. I will now look at the two unfinished songs that remain on the drawing board to complete the project. 'Electric blues and me' and 'Ten years in the Wilderness'

24/07/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: I’ve taken a break from recording, whilst I work on other things, including non-music stuff that needs my attention. I made a video for, Acoustic blues and me last week and intend to finish writing the last two songs for the project quite soon and then head back into the studio.

18/04/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: I had asked my friend, John (in France) to do some electric guitar parts for, 'Hair' and he'd sent them over. Kevin added some more instrumental details and BVs and then mixed and mastered the song. I will now make a video to go with the song. Next up, is to get the other two songs ready for the studio.

24/03/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: Celeb is released as a single on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms and the official You Tube video went up on 19/03/23. I'm planning on remixing it for the album version.

13/03/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: After a lot of chat and thought, Kev mixed and mastered, 'Celeb' and I've decided to release it as a single on all the major platforms and I'll make a video featuring the song for You Tube.

28/02/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 4: Kev had done various bits of work since I was last in the studio. I'd had a few strange ideas to modify my latest weird song, 'Celeb', which required my presence in the studio. Kev was very patient with me and we worked through it and hopefully got it done - he wasn't sure, but will now mix it and we'll see if it works. Some of these ideas had been keeping me awake at night, so at least now I can sleep, until the next crazy idea takes over my brain.

05/01/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 3: A new year and I'm hard at work on the new EP. We recorded the acoustic lead guitar and finished vocal for, 'Acoustic blues and me.' We then recorded a basic guitar part and vocal for my latest new song, 'Hair'. As ever, Kevin will do some work on both songs before I return for the next session. I have two other new songs that are still in writing stage, but the ideas are pretty well formed inside my head - I'm really enjoying it.

15/12/22 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 2: I've had a bit of a gap since my previous session, but am now ready with new songs and some crazy ideas. We put the vocal down on, 'Celeb' and built the basic track for, 'Acoustic blues and me'. A really good session. Kevin will do some work on both songs before I return to the studio in the New Year.

22/09/22 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 1: Back in the studio with Kevin Jones. My mantra is to keep on pushing the envelope and see where I can go with it all. I had an idea to take an old recording of mine (Always there) from 1993 and make a new song out of it called, 'Celeb'. We chopped up the original song and I took it away to work on the lyric and other ideas.

01/01/24 - Looking back & looking forward: 2023 - I had a good year, although I didn’t do a lot of recording. I'm keen to get my songwriting mojo working again in 2024 and complete my 5-song EP, '10-years in the wilderness'. Got some other interesting plans to expand my live performances and get out there a bit more. Keep watching and listening - Happy New Year. x

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