2012 Round-Up

Five videos made for You Tube

27/12/12 - Week 14 - Finished last two songs and did final master. 'Me and my Martin' is now finished and I need to get a small production run on CD and get it up on my iTunes account (watch this space).

  • Going down the road feeling bad - Finished guitar and did final mix
  • Playing with myself - A Winter's instrumental - Finished guitars and final mix - this is very weird and should probably go in the bin of odd ideas that don't work. But too late - I'll put it out on the album and people can make their own mind up, or just flick to the next track.

19/12/12 - Week 13 - Working on final two songs, but not playing very well and got bogged down with the instrumental. Will need another session to finish album.

  • Going down the road feeling bad - Lead guitar
  • Playing with myself - A Winter's instrumental - Guitars

11/12/12 - Week 12 - Started the final two songs for the album, including an instrumental.

  • Going down the road feeling bad - Guitar and vocal
  • Playing with myself - A Winter's instrumental - Guide guitar
Me and my Martin - an album made with just one guitar, and a couple of mics - plus a computer! - December 2012

05/12/12 - Week 11 - Detailing and final mix on four songs - Seven songs finished, leaving just two more to record. - After the studio I completed the slideshow video to go with 'My son, from baby, child to man' and put it up on my You Tube account.

  • My son, from baby, child to man - Final mix
  • I want to learn - Final mix
  • House of the rising sun - Final mix

26/11/12 - Week 10 - Detailing and final mix on three songs

  • My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home - Final mix
  • Life's a race - Final mix
  • Something to believe - Final mix

23/11/12 - Day out visiting family with my dad, who photographed 29 different paintings by my Grandfather. I am using them as a slideshow to go on my next You Tube video, which features an orchestrated piece of instrumental music called 'Reflection' that I'd composed and then recorded back in 1992. I finished the video and got it up on You Tube on 26/11/12.

21/11/12 - Week 9 - Busy and productive session

  • My son, from baby, child to man - worked on vocals and mix
  • House of the rising sun - This song is not copyrighted - it's classified as 'Traditional' - guitar & vocal

15/11/12 - Week 8 - Started work on fourth new song

  • My son, from baby, child to man - two guitar parts and guide vocal

06/11/12 - Week 7 - Finished You Tube video for 'Life's a race' and You Tube video of three live songs by Red Delta, originally filmed back in 1991.

31/10/12 - Week 6 - I'd borrowed a helmet cam from Nick Dwyer (cycling friend) and shot some footage on 30/10 - we took the footage off the camera to be used on a You Tube video to go with the song 'Life's a race'.

  • Paul - recorded guitar & vocal for this new song that I'd written over the previous four days

24/10/12 - Week 5 - Finished putting Red Delta live onto CD.

  • Life's a race - reworked guitar part on chorus and worked on mix

17/10/12 - Week 4 - Finished video for You Tube of 'My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home' - Started putting old live recordings of Red Delta from 1991 onto CD.

  • I want to learn - recorded guitar & vocal - first recorded in 1989 by The Rock Hoppers

10/10/12 - Week 3 - This week, I was upstairs at The Stables making a video to go with 'My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home'. The song is about the last few months of my mum's life spent in a care home with Alzheimer's. I doubt if it (song and or performance) will be many people's thing, but all I can say is, I'm pleased with it as a bit of simple music and I worked very hard (in Australia) to get the lyric sorted and for me that's the bit that matters. I used mum's voice (from an old answer-phone message that I'd kept) as an intro - I fretted quite a bit about using it, but am happy with the result and for me it sets the song up perfectly and mum's timing and delivery was perfect.

03/10/12 - Week 2 - I worked on my new material and also re-recorded one of my older songs

  • Life's a race - recorded second guitar part and worked on mix
  • My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home - recorded new vocal
  • Something to believe - recorded guitar & vocal (First recorded in 1999)

26/09/12 - Week 1 - My first four hour session at the Stables working with Doug Sturrock - I'd decided to record four new songs (+ a couple of my older tunes) in a stripped down style - my voice and acoustic guitar, which is an interesting, if rather exposed way to work.

  • Life's a race - recorded guitar & vocal
  • My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home - recorded guitar & vocal

I hadn't written an original song since 1998. In September 2012, whilst staying with my brother and his family in Australia, I used his guitar to complete two new compositions, 'My mum, Alzheimer's and the Care Home' and 'Life's a race'. I returned home to England and really wanted to record the new songs. I did a bit of research into local recording studios and found the Stables Studios down in Eastbourne.

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