2023 Round-Up

  • 24/03/23: My single Celeb released

    Playing Live

  • I played live 32 times in 2023
Four official videos made for You Tube

10-years in the wilderness - Recording Sessions
10-years in the wilderness
Acoustic blues and me

Electric blues and me


Ten years in the wilderness


Neumann & Martin
Kevin Jones at the controls
31/12/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: The year rolled on and I never got back into the studio to record the last two songs. New Year's Resolution: Get them done.

22/09/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: I had a bit of fun making the video for, Hair. I will now look at the two unfinished songs that remain on the drawing board to complete the project. 'Electric blues and me' and 'Ten years in the Wilderness'

24/07/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Update: I’ve taken a break from recording, whilst I work on other things, including non-music stuff that needs my attention. I made a video for, Acoustic blues and me last week and intend to finish writing the last two songs for the project quite soon and then head back into the studio.

18/04/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: I had asked my friend, John (in France) to do some electric guitar parts for, 'Hair' and he'd sent them over. Kevin added some more instrumental details and BVs and then mixed and mastered the song. I will now make a video to go with the song. Next up, is to get the other two songs ready for the studio.

24/03/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: Celeb is released as a single on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms and the official You Tube video went up on 19/03/23. I'm planning on remixing it for the album version.

13/03/23 - 10-years in the wilderness: After a lot of chat and thought, Kev mixed and mastered, 'Celeb' and I've decided to release it as a single on all the major platforms and I'll make a video featuring the song for You Tube.

28/02/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 4: Kev had done various bits of work since I was last in the studio. I'd had a few strange ideas to modify my latest weird song, 'Celeb', which required my presence in the studio. Kev was very patient with me and we worked through it and hopefully got it done - he wasn't sure, but will now mix it and we'll see if it works. Some of these ideas had been keeping me awake at night, so at least now I can sleep, until the next crazy idea takes over my brain.

05/01/23 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 3: A new year and I'm hard at work on the new EP. We recorded the acoustic lead guitar and finished vocal for, 'Acoustic blues and me.' We then recorded a basic guitar part and vocal for my latest new song, 'Hair'. As ever, Kevin will do some work on both songs before I return for the next session. I have two other new songs that are still in writing stage, but the ideas are pretty well formed inside my head - I'm really enjoying it.

15/12/22 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 2: I've had a bit of a gap since my previous session, but am now ready with new songs and some crazy ideas. We put the vocal down on, 'Celeb' and built the basic track for, 'Acoustic blues and me'. A really good session. Kevin will do some work on both songs before I return to the studio in the New Year.

22/09/22 - 10-years in the wilderness - Session 1: Back in the studio with Kevin Jones. My mantra is to keep on pushing the envelope and see where I can go with it all. I had an idea to take an old recording of mine (Always there) from 1993 and make a new song out of it called, 'Celeb'. We chopped up the original song and I took it away to work on the lyric and other ideas.

Fade away

07/10/23 - Heather and I were meant to be attending a songwriting workshop down in the west country run by Mel Reeves and Julie Anne. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it. We therefore, thought we'd give it a go remotely and Julie kindly sent over the brief, which contained various pointers re the lyric and some of Mel's music theory stuff about Dorian scales, key changes and other stuff. Heather wrote a lovely song on the piano and I had a bit of fun with Garage Band and added some video I shot at a recent Dali show I attended in London.

Hair - 1970's playing my old Gibson EB2 bass

22/09/23 - The history of my hair in a song
balding, but never dyed.

Shining knight

18/08/23 - official video - Back in January, Heather and I had a wonderful time down in Somerset, which included a day of songwriting with Mel Reeves and Julie Meikle as our fab hosts. I’m a big fan of Julie's animation work and asked if she'd like to produce a film to accompany my song, 'Shining knight' and she very generously agreed.

The song features on my album, Journey Part 1 and is about addiction. The finished film is so powerful, telling the story with Julie's stunning animation. I love the film and can’t thank her enough. See below for Julie's story.

Shining knight - Julie Meikle

I took my time thinking about how to approach this video. Having dealt with addiction in my marriage, I wanted to make sure that I did not rewrite the story of the song into a more comfortable narrative. This meant I had to revisit some old and painful emotions.

The video starts light and airy, with naive imagery. The colours are deliberately bright and the focus clear, apart from the mist, a hint of what's to come.

I wanted the viewer/listener to be invested in the traditional images of a knight in shining armour, so that there was an element of surprise when the imagery got darker and the true meaning of the knight emerged.

The lady was deliberately not drawn as a beautiful fairy type character, which was my initial thought. Addiction can hit anybody and at any age, and there are many different types of addiction. So, I drew her with grey hair, rounded body shape, as and far as I could, a neutral skin tone. In my head she is 'every woman'.

I chose the apple as the drug, for the obvious overtones of the fall of Eve, but also, an apple is such an innocuous looking drug. The danger is hidden, as in the poisoned apple in fairy tales. How can a simple apple cause any harm? The apple was placed on the end of the lance to represent the fact that the power behind the drugs is often in the hands of people far removed from the pushers and the addicts, their hands are metaphorically clean.

The forest glade image starts off quite magical with bright colours and pretty flowers, hummingbirds and sparkling water, and as a little aside, 2 different types of magic mushroom.

The first indication that everything is not quite normal is when she bites into the apple, her high allows her to transform into how she would like herself to be. Beautiful, colourful and vivid.

At this point in the story, the colours start to get desaturated, and the overall tone gets darker.

The knight is now riding through swamps rather than forests, and the lady flickers into a more sinister version of herself, representing her growing addiction. At her second bite of the apple, the high does not happen, she moves into black and white and shades of grey.

The final scene is set in winter, and night time. There are the thorny brambles representing how easy it is to become ensnared in this world. The lady flickers in and out of being a monster, before settling in the form of a monster, something dark and earthy, to contrast with the light and airy scenes from earlier.

I had a real battle with myself at this point. I wanted to leave the story with a sense of hope. I wanted the monster/lady to fight back to retain some of her humanity, because that is how I had wanted my story to end. But it didn't, neither does the song give us that narrative, and so after a lot of internal wrangling, I decided to leave the final image as many monsters all taking apples from the tree. So many people never get to step away from their addiction.

The Technical Stuff

The software I use is Final Cut Pro, but I also use ProCreate. A lot of my images are created by laying one image over another. This allows the knight to move between the trees. Lots of the images are either green screened or luma keyed to save me having to individually cut out leaves etc. The paintings were all done using Brusho Inks, as the colours can be layered up to create a more or less intense colour. Using just the one type of paint gives continuity to the colour pallet. I also use drawing pens to add final details to the paintings. Adjustments were made in Final Cut Pro with some LUTS and plug in effects.

I use my faithful Nikon D750 camera, which is an amazing work horse!

Shining knight - 18/08/23

Shining knight - 18/08/23

Shining knight - 18/08/23

Shining knight - 18/08/23

Shining knight - 18/08/23

Copyright Claims

20/07/23 - I'm fighting back against the man. Well, I'm grumbling about the power of Sony, Warner Bros and others who have claimed they own my songs.

26/07/23 - Victory for the little man against the big boys. Hurrah, I've beaten Sony and now own my song again. Just got this email from You Tube re Sony's claim of ownership:

    [Copyright claim] Claim released: 'Acoustic blues and me'.

No apology, or compensation then? Interesting how it works, as after only 7-days someone has made a decision to remove their (Sony) claim. Normally, they sit there for 30-days and then just disappear.

Acoustic blues and me

18/07/23 - Here's the official video for the opening song on, '10-years in the wilderness'.

Radio: Thanks to Dawn Parry (365 Radio), Paul Huggett (Allsounds Radio) & The Pete Jones Show (Radio Reverb) for giving it three spin.

Video for You Pick Acoustic

01/06/23 - Cry - Thank you for the commission to the 'You Pick Acoustic' You Tube channel. 'You Pick Acoustic is a mainly acoustic music channel for independent artists creating original songs. It releases an exclusive video on the first day of each month'. This is my second video with them.

Thanks to my team: Kevin Jones & Heather

By the end of June the video had received 77 thumbs up and over 15,500 views - thank you x

Spotify Playlist

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

No. 15: Born grumpy, No. 16: Emotional clickbait, No. 6: Celeb

Three songs and their top chart position

Thanks to Dawn Parry and everyone who gave me a vote

Celeb - No. 6

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

11/06/23: Down to No. 39 - It's been a blast, thank you.

04/06/23: Down to No. 26

28/05/23: Down to No. 12

21/05/23: Triple wow, No. 6 - Many thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x
The Official Legacy Chart - 21/05/23

Celeb - No. 7

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

14/05/23: Double wow, No. 7 - Many thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

Radio Reverb - The Pete Jones Show

15+22/05/23: Fantasy Thanks to Pete for playing my music on his Monday evening show. Based in Brighton, his show features just local artists.

20/05/23: Celeb
Thanks to Paul Huggett for giving my song a spin on his Conquest Hospital Radio Saturday morning show. Celeb has now been played on five different radio stations.
The Official Legacy Chart - 14/05/23

Celeb - No. 9

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

07/05/23: Wow, No. 9 - Many thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x
The Official Legacy Chart - 07/05/23

Celeb - No. 11

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

30/04/23: No. 11 - A big thank you to everyone who gave me a vote. x
The Official Legacy Chart - 30/04/23

Celeb - No. 22

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

23/04/23: Up to No. 22 - Thanks, Please keep voting.

16/04/23: Celeb, a new entry at No. 34

Thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

Radio Reverb - The Pete Jones Show

03+10/04/23: Celeb - 17/04+08/05/23: Emotional clickbait
24/04+01/05/23: Born grumpy

Thanks to Pete for playing my music on his Monday evening show. Based in Brighton, his show features just local artists.

21/03/23: 2-radio plays on two different stations

Thanks to Dawn Parry for giving 'Celeb' a spin on 365 Radio this morning and Paul Huggett for playing it on his evening show on Allsounds Radio.
The Official Legacy Chart - 16/04/23


You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music etc

19/03/23 - I have a new single coming out on Friday 24/03/23. A piece of 'Punk Hop' exploring the juxtaposition of celebrity and an aging nobody.

Here's the official You Tube video

See Abums for streaming links

95.9 Hailsham FM with Des Parker

04/03/23 - Saturday Acoustic Sessions - Live on the radio - Heather and I were back for a couple of hours of live radio fun with Des. I performed four of my songs with just guitar and voice and Des played a further three of my songs from CD. Heather did the same and we all chatted. We're getting to be regulars and enjoyed it.

Hair - Scrapheap blues - Behind the curtain - Toast for one (see video) and the following recorded versions direct from CD: Born grumpy - Emotional clickbait - Chocolate

Emotional clickbait - No. 16

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

05/03/23: Down to No. 27 - New song on the way.

26/02/23: Two weeks at No. 16 - A big thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

The Official Legacy Chart - 26/02/23

Emotional clickbait - No. 18

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

12/02/23: Up to No. 18 - I'm still heading up the charts and am surrounded by famous names.

A big thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

The Official Legacy Chart - 12/02/23

On location in Marrakesh

10/02/23 - Pot Pourri is a short instrumental (does not contain any REAL musical instruments) that I’ve knocked up in Marrakesh, on my iPad using GarageBand. It’s my answer to a song challenge on one the Facebook groups I follow, which required some specific and odd chord variations along with the normal roster. Photos and film from Marrakesh, featuring our visit to a local Apothecary - don’t ask how many things Heather purchased there in search of eternal youth.

Emotional clickbait - No. 23

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

06/02/23: Up to No. 23 - I'm chasing down Toyah and have leapfrogged U2.

A big thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

The Official Legacy Chart - 05/02/23

Emotional clickbait - No. 27

365 Radio - The Official Legacy Chart

29/01/23: After a favourable review on Jukebox Judgement, followed by quite a few plays and support from Dawn Parry and 365 Radio, 'Emotional clickbait' is a new entry at No. 27, shoehorned between, U2 and Paul Weller!

A big thanks to everyone who gave me a vote. x

The Official Legacy Chart - 29/01/23

Behind the curtain

24/01/23 - Heather and I had a wonderful time down in Somerset, which included a day of songwriting with Mel Reeves and Julie Anne as our fab hosts. We were 9 in total, including: Rebecca Richards, Huw James & Simon Glossop. Mel set the challenge, which gave us two song title options: 'Behind the curtain', which I went with, or, 'If only'. He also instructed us to not use any obvious rhymes in our lyric, which was good with me and my 'cliché filter'. He then took us on a whirlwind music theory session, which was great and then set us a mission to include such things as 'secondary dominants' and the odd, 'chromatic surprise'. I should mention at this stage, I have no music theory knowledge and write all my songs by just trying things and having ideas and pushing those ideas.

I then headed off to a distant bedroom at the end of a long corridor to produce my masterpiece! I thought it would be best to start with a lyric and looking out of the window I saw some giant sparrows and I was off on my journey. Their home and the views are wonderful, I loved it down there. I threw in as many things from Mel's instructions as I could and completed the song.

I must thank Mel, as he's given me a lot to think about and I'm sure some of my future songs will be influenced by this weekend.

After tea & cake, we all sat down and everyone played their song (s) (Simon had written two) and they were all really good and interesting.

I've just recorded this (one take) to document my song. I could do it better, but here it is, warts all.

A huge thanks to Julie and Mel for all hospitality, whiskey and a bed for the night and a cooked breakfast before we hit the road for home. x

Emotional clickbait

Radio Plays and Review by Peter Walsh

Friday 20/01/23 365 Radio: Here's an audio clip of Dawn Parry & Peter Walsh reviewing my song, 'Emotional clickbait’ on Dawn's Jukebox Judgement Breakfast Show.

10-years in the wilderness

07/01/23: My album, Me and my Martin was released on 7/01/13 - the picture below features my recorded output over the last 10-years. Keeps me busy and I'm currently working on my next release, 10-years in the wilderness with Kevin Jones. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. Here's to the next 10-years.

10-years of recording
A new hat and a new year

01/01/23 - Looking back & looking forward: 2022 - We started a sort of return to normality after two years of Covid uncertainty, but there's a lot about the outside world that just seems sad and wrong. I kept myself busy and was as obsessive as ever, making music, videos and featuring on local radio stations. I've got lots of plans for 2023, with a new 5-song EP called, '10-years in the wilderness' in the pipeline. Happy New Year. x

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