2021 Round-Up

    Playing Live

  • Due to Covid I only did 46 live (18 Zoom & 28 live) performances in 2021
Eight official videos made for You Tube

Clearly opaque - Recording Sessions
Clearly opaque
I want to sing along

Don't look back

My only hero

Clearly opaque

Martin and essential supplies back in the studio
17/12/21 - Clearly opaque - Session 2: Since my previous visit, Kevin has done some great work behind the scenes on the first two songs. Today, I recorded the proper vocal for, ‘Don’t look back’ and the guitar and vocal for, ‘My only hero’. Three songs down and that leaves two on the drawing board (in my head).

30/10/21 - Clearly opaque - Session 1: I’d been writing some new material, so it was great to get back into the studio with Kevin and start a new project. We put down the guitar and vocal for, ‘I want to sing along’ and the guitar and a guide vocal for, ‘Don’t look back’. A great first session.

Videos for Journey Part 7

21/09/21 - The English way - Shot on location in Burwash today. All five songs from the EP now have their own YT video. Sometimes, it’s tough being an Englishman from the south east. A simple song and I'll let it tell my story. Thanks to Rudyard Kipling for being very still.

Videos for Choices (instrumental)

13/09/21 - Choices - A great weekend in London with my son and I shot this film at Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington, where the Amy Winehouse video for Back to Black was filmed. An amazing place, full of light and shade. The music is a new instrumental piece called Choices. We all have them and sometimes fate takes it out of our hands.

Journey Part 7 - Recording Sessions
Journey Part 7

The English way

Oh yeah


Next to you

iTunes - Spotify

Martin 00-21 back in the studio
20/08/21 - Journey Part 7 - Now available on CD: - A change of heart, collected a small run on digipak CD.

01/06/21 - Journey Part 7 - Released on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon: - This EP will not be available on CD, due to the huge decline in people even owning CD players. A shame, as I love producing a finished product, but have ended up with 100's of unwanted CDs in storage!

29/04/21 - Journey Part 7 - Finished: - Kevin has mixed and then mastered the finished songs. Next up, I need to sort a release date - watch this space.

21/04/21 - Journey Part 7 - Final Session: - Kevin has done a lot work on 'Child' and we added some bells to 'Home' and sorted a few minor issues with the other songs. I then signed them off for mixing and mastering.

23/03/21 - Journey Part 7 - Session 3: - recorded guitar and vocal for 'Child' and vocals for 'Next to you', a co-write with Heather. It features her piano part and my lyric. Simon's done a real cool alto sax part for 'Home' and Heather has recorded a BV for 'Oh yeah'. It's all coming together very nicely.

09/03/21 - Journey Part 7 - Session 2: - guitar and vocals for 'Oh yeah', an uptempo number.

04/02/21 - Journey Part 7 - Session 1: - Back in the studio with Kevin to work on the next 5-song EP. I recorded guitar and vocal for 'The English way'. Heather added a flute part during her own session on 9/02/21.

30/12/20 - the final session for Then & Now 4+1=C and at the end of the session I recorded guitar and vocals for a new song, 'Home', which will be the opening number on my next EP, Journey Part 7.

Videos for Journey Part 7

08/08/21 - Next to you - How does an old bloke write a love song without trampling on the many million that have gone before? Well, this is my effort. A gentle love song - set in the garden.

Videos for Journey Part 7

12/07/21 - Child - More stop animation fun with some old toy aeroplanes from the 70's.

Videos for Journey Part 7

21/06/21 - Oh yeah - A bouncy and fun song with megaphone vocal and a crazy stop animation film - filmed on the kitchen table.

Videos for Journey Part 7

05/05/21 - Home - A song about 'that place called home' - illustrated with some of my new watercolour paintings.

Videos for Then & Now 4+1=C

20/01/21 - Cento - My 100th song and a bit of fun - thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way - it's been a real blast.

Creation from Destruction - a tale of noisy neighbours and the search for peace

A work of pure fiction?

Here's a recorded version of one of my short stories. The music is from my song, Sugar monkey and nut pig.

Videos for Then & Now 4+1=C

10/01/21 - Excuse me - 'I want to know that feeling again'. Looking back to a pre Covid world. Photos from my daily walk during Lockdown 1 in 2020.

Then & Now 4+1=C
18/01/21 - Then & Now 4+1=C - Officially Released - available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and digipak CD: See Albums for all the details.

07/01/21 - Then & Now 4+1=C - Kevin has mixed & mastered the finished EP, sent the files over and produced two master copies on CD. I will get a limited production run on CD. The official release date will be 18/01/21. See Albums for orders and Diary for more info on the recording.

01/01/21 - Looking back & looking forward: 2020 was the strangest of years due to Covid 19 and all its restrictions. Bizarrely, it was probably my most productive year ever on the creative front. A lot of time, a lot of isolation, a lot of thoughts and ideas. I’m not sure what’s going to be different this year, but I’m determined to crack on with the creative stuff, as I don’t like the other options. I finished recording Then & Now 4+1=C at the end of the year and Kevin is mixing it ready for release in January. I have other recording projects I want to do and the usual crazy ideas for videos on (near) zero budget. Lots of plans - Stay safe - Happy New Year. x

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