C J Martin Audio Productions - my short stories recorded for an audio audience

19/01/21 - Creation from Destruction - a tale of noisy neighbours and the search for peace
Creation from Destruction, a work of pure fiction? The music is from my song, Sugar monkey and nut pig.

13/04/19 - The Unknown Soldier - Inspired by real people and real events
Here's the second short story, The Unkown Soldier, complete with added music and sound effects. The music is from my album, View from a window.

11/03/19 - The Billionaire's Dream - Inspired by the 2016 US presidential election
I went into the studio on 06/03/19 and recorded a couple of my short stories.

This is a new project and I've given it its own page on this website, along with its own You Tube channel. I posted up 'The Billionaire's Dream' on 11/03/19 and will be adding the second story (The Unkown Soldier) soon, which is longer and has both added music and sound effects.

06/03/19 - First audio stories recording session with Matthew Martin and Kevin Jones
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