Then & Now 2
Heather BVs on Little red car - 3.03.20
Life in the studio - 3.03.20
Simon alto on Born grumpy - 17.03.20
Then & Now 2 - Recording Sessions

06/04/20 - Then & Now 2 - Officially Released - available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and CD: See Albums for all the details.

29/03/20 - Then & Now 2: Kevin has mixed & mastered the finished EP, sent the files over and produced two master copies on CD. I will get a limited (50) production run on CD, as I still like the idea of having a physical copy.

17/03/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 7: with Simon - Final session - Simon was in to do some alto sax on Born grumpy. I then reviewed each song with Kevin and he will crack on with mixing and mastering. I'm very pleased with what we've got and am really excited and looking forward to hearing the finished songs.

03/03/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 6: with Heather - John had sent over various electric guitar parts for 'Tell me' and Kevin had done a lot of work, cleaning them up and fitting them in. We made decisions about which bits to use and one guitar solo is actually now played backwards (studio magic) and by the end of the session, it was working and sounding great. Heather was in to do her BV on 'Little red car' and we did some final detailing on 'Born grumpy', which now just needs a sax part from Simon to complete the recordings.

13/02/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 5: Kevin had been busy, adding backing vocals to 'Little red car' along with drums & bass to 'Tell me'. They're sounding great. Having finished the lyric for 'Born grumpy', we sorted the song and then recorded the finished vocal. My parts are now complete and it's about getting Heather, Simon and John to add their final parts and it'll be over to Kevin for mixing and mastering.

05/02/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 4: with Simon - Simon was in and did a fabulous soprano sax solo for 'Dangerous moonlight' and then added some top alto on 'Little red car', which gives it a real cool feel. Kevin had dropped it from E to Eb (clever what you can do on the old computer) to aid Simon and I really liked the sound, so we will keep it in Eb - not easy for live work on the guitar though! We then turned our attention to my new song, 'Tell me' and completed the guitar and did the vocal. A really enjoyable and productive session.

24/01/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 3: A two-hour session (normally 4): Kevin had done some great work on 'Dangerous moonlight' and 'Little red car'. We started recording the guitar parts for 'Tell me' and added a guide vocal to hold it together.

16/01/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 2: Reviewed 'Dangerous moonlight', which is sounding good and decided it needs a sax solo in the middle. Laid down guitar and vocal for 'Little red car', the second of my revisits. I have two new songs ('Tell me' & 'Born grumpy'), on the drawing board, which are not quite complete - so we looked at music styles and rhythm ideas. Productive session.

08/01/20 - Then & Now 2 - Session 1: 4-song EP - Back in the recording studio - I'd really enjoyed making Then & Now with Kevin. Revisiting two of my older songs and writing two new ones is a healthy amount of work and an interesting challenge - I was very satisfied and proud of the finished EP. I therefore decided to repeat the process and make, 'Then & Now 2'. We spent the first session laying down the acoustic guitar and vocals for, 'Dangerous moonlight', a song that had originaly featured on my Dangerous Moonlight EP, with vocals by Dave Moore.
French John doing his thing
Simon doing some alto sax on Little red car - 5.02.20
Simon doing his soprano sax solo on Dangerous moonlight - 5.02.20
Kevin driving the desk - 5.02.20
Martin ready for recording action - 8.01.20

01/04/20 - Born grumpy the video from my EP, Then & Now 2

With the coronavirus lockdown in full swing, I found myself at home in glorious isolation. Looking round the house for inspiration, I found my old emu, who’s been with me for about 50 years. After some tough negotiations, he agreed to star in the video for 'Born grumpy' - I get a cameo role, along with a few random props. Kevin has done a brilliant job with the music - I hope you enjoy it.

Emu - Born grumpy - 1.04.20

March 2020: Live music came to crunching halt with the coronavirus restrictions. Since then, I have produced a few live performances (just me and my guitar) for You Tube. I will probably add some more songs from my red chair, as it's pretty quiet here on my own.

03/02/20 - Chocolate the video
from my EP, Then & Now.

Using a recipe from a very old cook book and with Heather providing the hands and bespoke finger nails we made the perfect chocolate mousse. The video features a blooper right at the end after the credits.

Wonky Finger Productions - 3.02.20
Heather on location - 3.02.20

01/01/20 - Looking back & looking forward: 2019 was a productive and enjoyable year, culminating with the release of my 4-song EP, Then & Now in December, along with the production of a video for the opening song, Cry. I also completed my mission to play a live version of all (102) of my songs during the year. In 2020, I want to make some more videos featuring my songs and record another EP, 'Then & Now 2'. Lots of plans - Happy New Year.x

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